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Vikāra Institute (formerly known as EcoVentures International) has experience working in 50+ countries, applying systems change lenses to adapt methodologies and approaches to different cultural contexts. Training courses have been translated into 15 languages including French, Spanish and Portuguese, as well as Haitian Creole and others.

Vikāra Institute has particular expertise in the following methodologies, amongst others:

  • Market systems development & market systems resilience

  • Political economy analysis

  • Collaboration, learning, and adaption

  • Adaptive management frameworks

  • Social inclusion frameworks

  • Private sector and enterprise development

  • Technical assistance, coaching, and mentoring

  • Process facilitation and adult/experiential learning approaches

  • Outcomes harvesting

Learning Labs
Technical Assistance
Capacity Buildig
Thought Leadership
Framework Development
Process Facilitation
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Learning Labs, Research & Assessments

Vikāra Institute leads global cutting-edge research and assessments, particularly around Market Systems Resilience, Market Systems Development, Social Inclusion (particularly for youth and women), and Private Sector Development. The research and assessments feed into the development of frameworks and other capacity building tools within sectors that need it most.

Technical Assistance, Coaching &​Mentoring .jpeg

Technical Assistance, Coaching & Mentoring

Vikāra supports numerous projects and organizations in practical implementation of market systems thinking and community development interventions and strategic services, through virtual and in-person technical assistance, coaching and mentoring. This approach, rather than a once-off engagement, supports teams to gain feedback and guidance when applying specific tactics in their own project or country context. Our assistance is focused and unique to every situation.

Capacity Building, Training Tools & Curricula.jpg

Capacity Building, Training Tools & Curricula

Vikāra introduces and implements core approaches to Inclusive Market Systems Development. We do this through high-impact learning methodologies that build a conceptual understanding via the exploration of effective practices and sample cases from the field. Vikāra has created a range of multimedia tools which are highly interactive and focus on demystifying complex concepts.Through this, we make change accessible.


Knowledge Management & Sharing

In supporting internal team learning, Vikāra assists project teams to adapt their internal review processes with a Collaboration, Learning and Adaptation (CLA) approach. These processes have allowed for project teams to intentionally reflect on their activities and, at the same time, provide team-building. Vikāra also provides strategic review support at an organizational level, taking decision-makers within the organization through a facilitated process. Vikāra has facilitated Pause & Reflect processes for projects, upon the request of USAID Missions.

Framework Development & Strategy Support.jpg

Framework Development & Strategy Support

Vikāra leads the development of several key systems thinking frameworks. These encompass areas such as Adaptive Management Frameworks and Political Systems Framework. Efforts include the lead developer of USAID’s Market Systems Resilience Framework, USAID’s Inclusive Entrepreneurial Market Systems (IEMS) Framework, as well as Political Systems Framework and an Adaptive Management Framework. These frameworks assist practitioners in making strategic decisions in programmatic design and implementation.

Process Facilitation & Performance Support.jpg

Process Facilitation & Performance Support

Vikāra utilizes proven participatory stakeholder processes and co-creation methodologies as essential tools for systems thinking practitioners. Vikāra matches specific stakeholder methodologies with the type of cooperation that is expected as an effective outcome. Vikāra provides high-quality facilitation for meetings, workshops, events, and conferences. In addition to facilitating events, Vikāra organizes high-impact events within the development sector, namely the annual Market Systems Symposium. Furthermore, Vikāra has organized learning events in conjunction with FAO and USAID across the globe.

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