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Vikāra Institute has developed several influential frameworks which guide our programmatic work and have, in several cases, been highly influential to development programming globally.

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Change Wheel
Adaptive Management
Policy & Politics

Market Systems Resilience: A Framework for Measurement

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Vikāra Institute led the development of USAID’s Market Systems Resilience (MSR) Framework, a formative guidance document in considering resilience at the systems level. The Framework explores critical behavioral and structural domains related to understanding resilience. Vikāra Institute led the practical application and testing of this framework in multiple countries.

'Pathways of Change' Systemic Frameworks 

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Vikāra Institute developed frameworks to understand Pathways of Change for multiple market systems. These frameworks guide users in thinking systemically about possible pathways of change a particular market system may take as the system becomes more inclusive and competitive. The frameworks consider the patterns of behavior that drive the market system, and the forces that support that change process.

These include:

  • Market Systems Change Wheel (non-sector specific)

  • Agricultural Market System Change Wheel

  • Financial System Change Wheel

  • Housing & Construction Market System Change Wheel

Resilience Framework
Change Wheels

Gender Inclusive Market Systems Framework


Vikāra Institute developed a Gender Inclusive Market Systems Framework that considers the integration of women at various levels of the market system and the business incentives for changes in investment and behavior to leverage these strategies. Vikāra has since applied the framework with teams in Nepal, Bangladesh, and Cambodia.

Inclusive Entrepreneurial Eco-Systems Framework

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Vikāra Institute co-developed the 'Practical Analytical Framework for Inclusive Entrepreneurial Market Systems' to build on existing enabling environment tools and market system theoretical frameworks to provide concrete guidance on how to examine the underlying variables in systems that may present barriers or opportunities to private sector entrepreneurial engagement efforts.

Gender Inclusive
Inclusive Entrepreneurial Ec
Adaptive Management

Adaptive Management Framework


Vikāra Institute developed an Adaptive Management Framework that allows teams to make necessary shifts in their project’s strategy and to have a clear understanding of the priorities during the life of the project. Vikāra has applied this Framework with teams in multiple countries as part of their ‘Collaboration, Learning and Adaptation (CLA)’ processes and Pause & Reflect workshops. 

Policy Implementation & Political Systems Frameworks


Vikāra Institute developed a framework for regulatory and policy development, focusing on the effectiveness of the implementation and roll out of policies and regulations. In addition, Vikāra Institute applies a political systems framework that identifies different functions within a political system relative to the enabling environment. These functions can be benchmarked for performance, as well as mapped to assess patterns related to flows, structures, and rules. 

Collaboration - Learning - Adaptation Framework


Vikāra led the development of a framework to specifically support the practical application of USAID's Collaborating, Learning & Adapting (CLA) approach within market systems project contexts. Vikāra had begun to apply this in the Ukraine.

Policy & Polotics
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