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The Pre-MSS2023 Market Systems Study Tour offers a unique and effective way to gain practical insights into market systems development, learn about innovative approaches within market systems, explore the diverse contexts and communities of Cape Town, and identify new approaches and solutions that can be applied to your own contexts.

Pre-designed Routes: The Study Tour features several pre-designed routes that focus on different market systems. Participants can choose the route that best aligns with their interests and learning objectives.
Variety of Market Actors: Each route will feature a variety of market actors that depict different market systems development principles, innovations, and learning. These market actors will include businesses, entrepreneurs, producers, and other actors who are involved in the market systems being studied.
Focus on Innovation: The routes will be organized to highlight innovations in financial market systems, supply chain management systems, media and public policy systems, and retail market innovations, among others. This focus on innovation will help participants to gain a deeper understanding of how market systems are evolving and adapting to new challenges.
Experience of Different Contexts: The study tour will allow participants to experience both informal, low-income, and more developed business contexts and communities. This will provide a well-rounded experience that offers a comprehensive understanding of the market systems being studied.
Learning and Fun: The study tour is designed to be both educational and enjoyable. Participants will have the opportunity to learn from market systems development experts, engage with market actors, and have fun exploring the vibrant city of Cape Town.


Expert Facilitation

The Market Systems Study Tour is facilitated by market systems development experts who have extensive experience in guiding participants through learning processes. With their guidance, participants gain a deeper understanding of market systems, how they have developed in response to shocks and stresses, and innovations that are applicable across contexts.


Effective Learning Methods

The Market Systems Study Tour provides practical, hands-on learning experiences. Participants visit a range of businesses and market actors, and engage with them directly. The learning is supported by reflection sessions before and after each visit.


Comprehensive Package

The cost of the study tour includes comfortable transport, lunch/snacks, expert facilitation, and a learning package of materials and supplies. Participants can also enjoy the scenic views of Cape Town, which is renowned to be one of the top 5 tourist destinations in the world.

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Quality Selection of Businesses and Market Actors

Carefully selected businesses and market actors  have been chosen based on their innovation, resilience, and their ability to contribute to the market systems learning objectives of the tour.


Applicability to Participants' Own Contexts

The learning from the study tour is designed to be applicable to participants' own contexts in their countries. The experiences and insights gained from the tour can be applied to their market systems development work, and can help them to identify new approaches and solutions.

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