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Vikāra Institute has a deep programming history in fragile and crisis-affected contexts, and more stable economies, in a range of areas as part of Vikāra’s broad technical service offering. 

We catalyze durable & inclusive systemic change for ...

Vikāra Institute supports the strengthening of market systems, value chains and financial systems across the globe while ensuring the longer term development of the local private sector and supportive entrepreneurial ecosystems, particularly agricultural market systems. Vikāra places important consideration on the drivers of market systems resilience and proactive strategies to support resilience across contexts. 

Market Systems, Value Chains & Entrepreneurial EcoSystems


Vikāra Institute supports agricultural transformation programming by identifying systems approaches to addressing barriers in agricultural markets, working with market actors and support functions in supply chains and retail distribution processes to amplify positive behavior and generate efficient market-based feedback loops. To support food systems and nutritional strengthening approaches, Vikāra works through the local private sector to research consumer behavior, improve promotional and branding strategies, and improve supply chain logistics to improve nutritional outcomes.  

Agriculture, Food Security & Nutrition


Vikāra Institute supports systemic change solutions in health markets and other urban markets which include energy, water and sanitation, and housing and construction. Vikāra supports the strengthening of public and private social safety net systems. 

Health, Housing & Social Systems

Health & Social

Vikāra Institute has many years of experience in the market-led education, livelihood, enterprise and workforce development arena, conducting labor market assessments and market opportunity assessments, and value chain analyses, and supporting program design and capacity building across sectors.

Education & Livlihood

Livelihood, Enterprise & Workforce Development 

Vikāra Institute supports climate adaptation and mitigation strategies and natural resource management through identifying systems approaches to generating environmentally sensitive and sustainable economic growth, strengthening strategic green sectors, and mainstreaming climate in private sector investment strategies. Vikāra’s experience includes; supporting alternative fuels, capacity building and learning networks, conservation agricultural practices, Vikāra’s localized GreenBusiness/GreenJobs initiatives, and green agricultural input supply retail strategies. 

Climate Adaptation, Conservation & Green Growth 


Vikāra Institute is well-recognized globally as a thought and practice leader in delivering youth labor market and market opportunity assessments that lead into actionable youth workforce development strategies, supporting the development of youth-friendly entrepreneurial ecosystems, and developing entrepreneurship training courses for youth. Vikāra supports the integration of women at various levels of the market system through, for example, identifying business incentives as leverage points for changes in investment and behavior.

Youth, Women & Other Vulnerable Groups

Women & Vulnerable
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