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Ana Bilik


Ana is Vikāra's Senior Associate for Strategy & Partnerships, bringing over 20 years of experience in local and international development, and organizational growth and development. Ana is a mission-driven market systems development strategist who cultivates relationships with partners and aligns stakeholder interests to design context-appropriate initiatives that address problems facing people and planet – food security, poverty, gender equity, and climate change to name a few. Prior, Ana served as president of Tanager, an ACDI/VOCA affiliate, working with leading foundations, government ministries, consumer goods brands, and communities to bring about agriculture market system changes that improved the livelihoods of smallholder producers and the quality of life of their families. Ana inspires confidence and creativity to envision impactful initiatives, securing more than $1 billion in government, multi-lateral, foundation, corporate social responsibility and philanthropic investments to improve quality of life 4+ million people in more than 20 countries around the globe.

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